[IPT] how to do when you have more than one sampling method for the same plant plot

André Heughebaert a.heughebaert at biodiversity.be
Tue Jul 21 09:47:05 UTC 2020

Hi Rui,
What about using SampleEvent core with MeasurementOrFacts
DwC extension to store both event measurements(BraunBlanquet Scale value
and % of coverage.) in addition to the Occurrence DwC extension for the
No duplicates and you keep all original data.

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On Mon, 20 Jul 2020 at 18:34, Rui Figueira <ruifigueira at isa.ulisboa.pt>

> Dear all,
> One of our publishers is preparing an event based dataset with plant
> surveys, where two measurements were taken at each location: a Braun
> Blanquet Scale value and % of coverage.
> The normal option to create this dataset would be to make two event
> records for each plot, one for each survey method. This allows to
> preserve all original data, but will result in two occurrences for the
> same species at the same plot.
> The other option would be to report only one of the survey methods,
> avoiding occurrence duplication, but not preserving data for the other
> method.
> Would anyone have a suggestion how to prepare the dataset, so that it
> keeps values for both methods and does not create duplication of
> occurrences?
> Or the duplication is not an issue, and we should publish data for both
> methods?
> Thanks,
> Rui
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