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Hi Jonathan
(adding GBIF helpdesk to the CC)

This is just a quick answer which I expect will result in follow up questions.

In terms of citation, we use a DOI to identify the concept of a dataset, not the specific version. E.g. https://doi.org/10.15468/cup0nk
If you start deleting copies of data (e.g. a background housekeeping task) what will break are links to the downloads in the IPT pages.  https://ipt.huh.harvard.edu/ipt/resource?r=huh_all_records&v=1.3
This may or may not be considered a problem for you.

I think others might have contacted you about suggestions for improving the dataset titles being used but if not I would suggest considering correctly formatted titles as they are used in  many places (https://www.gbif.org/dataset/4e4f97d2-4670-4b24-b982-261e0a450faf).

I hope this helps as a start,

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Hi All,

I am finishing an upgrade to the Harvard University Herbaria IPT instance and have configured our feeds for daily auto-publish. The HUH has invested in a mass digitization workflow and we are currently creating ~20,000 new vascular records per month (with minimal data), so we do have new records on a daily basis. However, our DwC archives are fairly large (100MB+), so we can’t keep the daily archive history. I am looking for guidance on how it will work with GBIF dataset citation if we do not preserve each daily archive. It seems problematic if a version of our dataset is used and cited but cannot be reconstructed.

Best regards,
Jonathan A. Kennedy
Director of Biodiversity Informatics
Harvard University Herbaria,
Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
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