Matthew Matthew
Mon Sep 14 11:51:43 CEST 2015

Hi Carlos,

I'm one of the developers working on implementing the OAI-PMH feed on 
GBIF.org, which Tim mentioned.

I'm still learning about the protocol, but I'd expect to publish each 
dataset registered with GBIF in at least three OAI-PMH "Sets":
- country,
- dataset type (occurrence/checklist),
- installation.

Would that help you?


On 11/09/15 18:36, cbeltran at humboldt.org.co (Carlos Andres Beltran) 
> Good Morning,
> We have implemented IPT at our institution (
> http://i2d.humboldt.org.co/ceiba/).
> We need to do the harvest this catalog with others who have implemented.
> According to this URL:
> http://gbif.blogspot.com.co/2011/04/oia-pmh-harvesting-at-gbif.html
> It can be done, someone could help us?
> Thanks,
> Regards

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