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I am testing IPT 2 and NRM RingedBirds is the guinea pig.

Well, I have some issue with the encoding because, while swedish characters
work fine with TapirLink (see http://www.gbif.se/tapir/tapir_client.php,
choose NRM-RingedBirds and make an inventory over StateProvince), it's a
mess with IPT, both as a preview and as a zipped file. For instance 'Närke'
is displayed as 'Närke'. This happens regardless of the character encoding
chosen under /source.do. The original data is UTF8, but then I don't know if
any settings in tomcat need to be changed.

Do you have some knowledge about this issue? I am very bad at java, so I
don't know where to look (and issue 418 doesn't help).


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