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Dear Alberto,


I send you hereby my proposition for the French translation of the 4th presentation (the longest of all).

I unfortunately hadn't the time to make new screenshots in French from my test installation of the IPT so I left them in English.

I sometimes had to slightly modify the layout of the slides as French is more verbose as English and uses more characters and lines to catch the same idea.

Please let me know if you wish further translation for the other presentations.



Best regards,






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Dear friends of the IPT list,


During the last meeting of the GBIF Governing Board we had a 1,5 hours session on the IPT addressed to GBIF Node Managers (those in charge of coordinating the biodiversity information networks that form GBIF).


We tried to keep this session basic in the technical level, but informative for anyone who is evaluating the IPT as an alternative for biodiversity data publishing. I would like to share with you the presentations displayed during that season. I hope you can use them in future IPT promotional activities. There are 6 very short presentations, that could be easily merged into a single one if needed.


The original presentations are in English. Does anyone volunteer to translate them into other languages and share them with the community? If you are interested drop me an email and we will coordinate the efforts!


The presentations are hosted in the GBIF Community Site, that is still in its closed alpha testing phase. Once the open beta testing starts, I trust we will used it also for interactions regarding the IPT. I will inform the list when this happens.


With best regards




1.- Introduction:



2.- Basic requirements to have an IPT installation



3.- IPT Data Interfaces



4.- IPT User Interface



5.- Customisation and internationalisation of the GBIF IPT



6.- Extensions




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