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Quentin Groom quentin.groom at plantentuinmeise.be
Sun Aug 14 07:21:26 CEST 2016

Dear BID community,

Having read the nice introductions from María and Jean I thought I would
also introduce myself. I work at the Botanic Garden Meise in Belgium where
are work on various projects related to information technology and botany.
I’m particularly interested in biogeography and plant invasions. I
volunteered to be a mentor because I’m enthusiastic about the GBIF project
and would like to encourage researchers from all over the world to
contribute. Ultimately it is only through cooperation that we can hope to
understand and conserve the diversity of life on earth. So far I have
published two data papers and I have other miscellaneous datasets published
to GBIF. I am also a subject editor for the Biodiversity Data Journal. This
work has made me quite familiar with the Darwin Core standard and many of
the potential errors than can be made. I would like to help others publish
their data to GBIF, without making some of the same mistakes I’ve made. My
institution has a long history of working on the taxonomy of African
plants, but I’m afraid I have little experience myself. I hope to team up
with some enthusiastic botanists who know a lot about their local plants
and I can help them with the technical aspects of sharing their data.



Dr. Quentin Groom
(Botany and Information Technology)

Botanic Garden Meise
Domein van Bouchout
B-1860 Meise

ORCID: 0000-0002-0596-5376 <http://orcid.org/0000-0002-0596-5376>

Landline; +32 (0) 226 009 20 ext. 364
FAX:      +32 (0) 226 009 45

E-mail:     quentin.groom at plantentuinmeise.be
Skype name: qgroom
Website:    www.botanicgarden.be
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