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Hi to All in BID Community
I am Pierre Raoufou Radji, living in Lomé capitale town in Togo. I work at the University of Lomé as lecturer-researcher and at the National Herbarium located in Department of Botany, Faculty of Science as Scientific Curator.  Involved in botany and plant ecology, I'm particularly intereted in Urban Ecology and Ornamental Horticulture.  Interested in biodiversity informatics, I attended several courses in this field and currently developing a diploma curricula in bioinformatics in the team of the Research Center in Wood and Tropical Forests (Department of Botany).
Since 2003, I was involved in informatic of biodiversity with IRD team located on MNHN in Paris then we started to computerize Herbarium sheets on RIHA platforms (RIHA is Informatic Network of African Herbarium). RIHA is a French Platform for data capture.  Also, I had an expertise on BRAHMS.
I have been part of the delegation of Togo to GBIF since 2009 as Node Manager and Additional Head of Delegation.  I'm involving in GBIF Africa that hardly is working to implement its ACM (African Coordinating Mechanism).
As volunteer mentor in BID community, I would be able to share experiences in data mobilization, data and images capture ; on data cleaning. I can help using software  like GeoLocate  and Specify  apart from the commonly used softwares by GBIF community.
I hope to be useful to the community in my areas of expertise and wherever necessary. So, do not hesitate to contact me.


Dr Pierre A.R. RADJI
Associate Professor
Ornamental Horticulture & Urban Ecology
Node Manager GBIF Togo
Herbarium Scientific Curator
Department of Botany - University of Lome
06BP 6135 Tel: (228)90045114 / 22400611
Lom?? - Togo

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