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Santiago Martinez de la Riva sama at gbif.es
Thu Sep 25 14:26:15 CEST 2014

Thanks Daniel,

In the first part I don't refer to title, I refer to list of Facet names, that for the case of State/Territory, are: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia....and more, how can I customize this list?
In the second point, I understand that I can locate the biocache-hub locally, and only I have to indicate the path in the BuildConfig.groovy file. Is it right?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Santi!

First Question:

If you only need to change these names, you can use the i18n. For example:

 _advanced.gsp file:

<td class="labels"><g:message code="advancedsearch.table06col02.title" default="State/Territory"/></td>

i18n/messages.properties file:

advancedsearch.table06col02.title = Estado/Território

Second Question:

You can change your BuildConfig.groovy file, in generic-hub/grails-app/conf/.

You need to include the biocache-hubs project location and comment the runtime configuration.

grails.plugin.location.'biocache-hubs' = "../biocache-hubs"

//runtime ":biocache-hubs:0.57"

Hope this helps,


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2014-09-25 7:41 GMT-03:00 Santiago Martinez de la Riva <sama at gbif.es<mailto:sama at gbif.es>>:
Hi all,

I have two questions:

First: I want to change some FacetNames such as State/Territory, Local Govt. Area in the _advanced.gsp, but I don't know where is located this information. Could you give some tip?

and second: If I modify the biocache-hub plug-in how can i do that generic-hub uses my new biocache-hub?

Thanks so muchh!!!
Kind regards,

Santiago Martínez de la Riva
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