[IPT] Action: check options - how to do when you have more than one sampling method for the same plant plot

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Hi Rui,

I would like to advise against creating duplicates for this purpose. For one thing, it is difficult for users to understand how (and why) to pull the information together again if it appears in two separate records. 

Assuming that both measurements were taken at the same location as well as time: have you considered using the "ExtendedMeasurementsOrFacts" extension (https://tools.gbif.org/dwca-validator/extension.do?id=http://rs.iobis.org/obis/terms/ExtendedMeasurementOrFact)? It seems to cover your scenario.


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Dear all,

One of our publishers is preparing an event based dataset with plant surveys, where two measurements were taken at each location: a Braun Blanquet Scale value and % of coverage.

The normal option to create this dataset would be to make two event records for each plot, one for each survey method. This allows to preserve all original data, but will result in two occurrences for the same species at the same plot.

The other option would be to report only one of the survey methods, avoiding occurrence duplication, but not preserving data for the other method.

Would anyone have a suggestion how to prepare the dataset, so that it keeps values for both methods and does not create duplication of occurrences?

Or the duplication is not an issue, and we should publish data for both methods?




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