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Hi Beth

I had a long call with Thomas Orrell about your case. I understood from that, the SI put ARKs (through EZID) on your records, assets and datasets in upstream systems which will still operate normally with an IPT (i.e. you map them to your occurrenceID). The IPT can be configured to issue dataset level identifiers by authenticating directly with EZID. It is that integration we believe now has issue but is not being used to our knowledge. Please say if you think otherwise though.


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Hello Tim,

The Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) uses EZIDs as our unique identifiers.  What EZID capability are you removing from IPT?

Beth  :-)

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Dear all,

This email only affects those of you using DOI or EZID directly with your IPT.

The next release of the IPT will be prepared to accommodate recent changes in the DataCite API who have deprecated their public API.

In addition we are aware that EZID have reduced their capabilities with respect to DOIs. We are not aware of anyone using EZID as an identity service for ARKs.
We therefore propose to remove EZID capabilities from the IPT 2.4 release as we are not aware that it is in use by anyone.

If you are using EZID with your IPT can you please let me know asap and elaborate on which identifier scheme you are using so we can reconsider?

Many thanks,

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