[IPT] How to configure IPT with Apache mod_proxy?

Tim Robertson (GBIF) trobertson at gbif.org
Sun May 1 20:26:44 CEST 2011

Dear Janno,

Welcome to the list.
To my knowledge you are the first that is using mod_proxy and also  
using Jetty - I have only used modjk to bind tomcat to apache and  
jetty during development.

You should not need to change any property files - those are internal  
and controlled by the app itself - but your point on the property file  
commentary is quite correct.

Because you have changed the addressable URL, the IPT needs to know of  
it's new address.  You can change this in the admin section (top  
option), or if you prefer, change the

> ipt.baseURL=http\://sitename.domain/ipt/


> ipt.baseURL=http\://sitename.domain

and restart.

If you have registered any resources with GBIF then afterwards you  
need to go into the admin section and hit the "update metadata" button  
to change all resource URLs in the GBIF registry.

I hope this helps and sorts your issues,

On May 1, 2011, at 1:09 PM, janno jõgeva wrote:

> Hello!
> I am quite new to this list so hello to everyone.
> Maybe I just missed something but here is my question.
> I am setting up an IPT node on our site. As IPT is not too much of a
> load it could run on a server that has other tasks as well.
> I have managed to set the IPT up and running via apache mod_proxy
> using jetty. I have daemonized it to a service on port 8080.
> The version I am using is ipt-2.0.2-SNAPSHOT-r3084.
> My ipt.properties is as follows:
> analytics.key=
> debug=false
> proxy=
> ipt.baseURL=http\://sitename.domain/ipt/
> analytics.gbif=true
> defaultLocale=en
> and apache configured as:
> ...
> ProxyPass /ipt/ http://localhost:8080/
> ProxyPassReverse /ipt/ http://localhost:8080/
> ProxyPassReverseCookiePath /ipt /
> ProxyPreserveHost On
> ...
> Alias   /ipt                        "/opt/ipt/webapp"
> <Directory                              "/opt/ipt/webapp">
> ...
> My problem - the IPT runs fine - I can make changes for example in
> source data SQL configuration part. but whenever the application(IPT)
> has to call sitename.domain/ipt/admin/user.do
> it calls sitename.domain/admin/user.do instead and understandably  
> fails.
> My question - is there a good documentation source for the
> ipt.properties file? If not then could you tell me what is the "proxy"
> configuration parameter for?
> Hope that the explanation is detailed enough.
> PS.
> IMHO a configuration file should have documentation for each and every
> parameter written inside the file. It would help a lot.
> Best wishes,
> Janno Jõgeva
> University of Tartu
> Natural History Museum
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