[IPT] Some questions from developer from China

Bruno Danis bruno.danis at scarmarbin.be
Wed Oct 7 14:49:59 CEST 2009

Dear Xu,

many thanks for your message. I will definitely take a look at your portal.
I you are interested, we are in a similar process for Antarctic marine
biodiversity, with a prototype portal (late Beta phase) available

best regards,

2009/10/7 许哲平 <xuzp at ibcas.ac.cn>:
> Dear Sir:
> The Chinese Virtual Herbarium (CVH) is an on-line portal allowing access to
> herbarium specimen information and other botanical knowledge(online from
> 2006). CVH is a collaboration among more than 20 major herbaria in China
> with the aim of creating comprehensive and sustainable access to scholarly
> resources about China's plant biodiversity.
> From last year, we have made our new effort to develop a newer and more
> powerful CVH system. We have taken following computer techniques:
> Ajax: Jquery,XML,json
> Database: Mysql
> Language: PHP, Java
> Data Standards: LSID, Darwin Core, IPTC,
> GIS: Google Map & Google Earth, GBIF IPT(in the future)
> Beta Homepage of Chinese Virtual Herbarium: http://beta.cvh.org.cn/cms/ ,the
> current Homepage is : http://www.cvh.org.cn
> Name LSID:
> http://beta.cvh.org.cn/lsid/index.php?lsid=urn:lsid:cvh.org.cn:names:cnpc_18368
> Specimen LSID:
> http://beta.cvh.org.cn/groups/hgas/specimen.php?lsid=urn:lsid:cvh.org.cn:specimen:HGAS_010387
> Data Partner:
> http://beta.cvh.org.cn/groups/hgas/lsid.php?lsid=urn:lsid:cvh.org.cn:names:cnpc_60810
> Google Earth Plugin for Plant Photo In China:
> http://beta.cvh.org.cn/cms/cn/node/57
> You are welcome to make some comments and feedback about our work. And, as
> we will want to take GBIF IPT in our future work. So we wonder how to (or
> can we) join the develop group or is the code in Google
> Code(http://code.google.com/p/gbif-providertoolkit/) the latest code?
> Regards,
> Xu Zheping Ph.D.
> Director Assistant of Center for Documentation and Information,
> Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences,
> Haidian,B eijing
> P. R. of China, 100093
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