[IPT] Some questions from developer from China

许哲平 xuzp at ibcas.ac.cn
Wed Oct 7 13:41:28 CEST 2009

Dear Sir:
The Chinese Virtual Herbarium (CVH) is an on-line portal allowing access to herbarium specimen information and other botanical knowledge(online from 2006). CVH is a collaboration among more than 20 major herbaria in China with the aim of creating comprehensive and sustainable access to scholarly resources about China’s plant biodiversity.

From last year, we have made our new effort to develop a newer and more powerful CVH system. We have taken following computer techniques:
Ajax: Jquery,XML,json
Database: Mysql
Language: PHP, Java
Data Standards: LSID, Darwin Core, IPTC, 
GIS: Google Map & Google Earth, GBIF IPT(in the future)
Beta Homepage of Chinese Virtual Herbarium: http://beta.cvh.org.cn/cms/ ,the current Homepage is : http://www.cvh.org.cn
Name LSID:  http://beta.cvh.org.cn/lsid/index.php?lsid=urn:lsid:cvh.org.cn:names:cnpc_18368
Specimen LSID: http://beta.cvh.org.cn/groups/hgas/specimen.php?lsid=urn:lsid:cvh.org.cn:specimen:HGAS_010387
Data Partner: http://beta.cvh.org.cn/groups/hgas/lsid.php?lsid=urn:lsid:cvh.org.cn:names:cnpc_60810
Google Earth Plugin for Plant Photo In China:  http://beta.cvh.org.cn/cms/cn/node/57
You are welcome to make some comments and feedback about our work. And, as we will want to take GBIF IPT in our future work. So we wonder how to (or can we) join the develop group or is the code in Google Code(http://code.google.com/p/gbif-providertoolkit/) the latest code?

Xu Zheping Ph.D.
Director Assistant of Center for Documentation and Information,
Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Haidian,B eijing
P. R. of China, 100093 

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