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Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Thu Feb 5 10:33:00 CET 2009

Hi all,

I am in a meeting so must be quick, but here is the configuration file.

The important thing is to increase the maximum memory.  To achieve  
this is different on each operating system.  Somehow you will set -Xmx1G

If you have difficulties with this, please announce to the list with  
your operating system, and tomcat version and we can help.



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On 4 Feb 2009, at 17:49, Peter Desmet wrote:

> Markus, Tim,
> I just posted your message on our Canadensys mailing list, so I hope
> you do get flooded with bug reports. :-)
> Tim, your screencast mentions a setenv.sh, for creating a larger
> memory for Tomcat. Could you put some more details and an example-file
> on website's documentation section?
> If you like, I could contribute to the documentation. My IT-skills are
> basic, but I think I could help updating the text or explaining
> something in a less techy way. If you want to include me in the wiki,
> my gmail address is: peter.desmet.cubc at gmail.com.
> Cheers,
> Peter
> On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 10:22 AM, Markus D?ring (GBIF) <mdoering at gbif.org 
> > wrote:
>> +++ Welcome to IPT 1.0 beta +++
>> GBIF is happy to announce the first public beta version of the GBIF
>> Integrated Publishing Toolkit. We have been working for quite a while
>> on this software and finally reached a stage where we want to engage
>> early users to get feedback. The IPT allows to host and share species
>> occurrence or taxonomic checklist datasets based on an extendible
>> darwin core as well as pure metadata descriptions for biological
>> resources, whether they have been digitised or not. You can find
>> further information on the project homepage: http://code.google.com/p/gbif-providertoolkit/
>> We are providing a public live demo installation at GBIF for anyone  
>> to
>> try out. To gain access to most of the functionality you will have to
>> register as a new user and ask me or Tim to assign you additional
>> "manager" rights.
>> http://ipt.gbif.org
>> His voice may not be that of Morgan Freeman, but Tim has done a great
>> job recording some screen casts to get you started. Before getting
>> angry about the still missing user manual (which is being worked on
>> and will be ready for the final release) please watch this movie  
>> first:
>> ftp://ftp.gbif.org/projects/ipt/tutorial/beta/9minuteDemo.mov
>> If you prefer to install the IPT yourself you can find basic
>> instructions on the project site and you should also watch Tim  
>> playing
>> with Tomcat:
>> http://code.google.com/p/gbif-providertoolkit/wiki/Installation
>> ftp://ftp.gbif.org/projects/ipt/tutorial/beta/installIPT.mov
>> We'd like to thank any beta testers already. Your testing will help  
>> us
>> improve the software and provide new ideas that we will try to
>> incorporate in future releases. Please consider the following
>> guidelines when testing:
>> - if you run into any bugs, report them as issues in google code,
>> which is linked at the bottom of every IPT page.
>> - if you have any questions whatsoever, please post them on this
>> mailing list instead of contacting us individually. This helps others
>> facing the same problems.
>> For the proper user manual and other documentation like screen casts
>> we are always seeking help too. There is even some funding available
>> for people willing to spend more time. In any of those case please  
>> get
>> in touch with our training officer Alberto Gonzalez-Talavan: atalavan at gbif.org
>> Thanks for your interest.
>> I can't wait to get flooded with bug reports ;)
>> Markus
>> --
>> Markus D?ring
>> Bioinformatics Software Engineer
>> GBIF Secretariat
>> mdoering at gbif.org
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