[GloBI] Ontology of Biotic Interactions?

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Hi John,

We’ve been working with subsets of the OBO Relation Ontology (which if I’m not mistaken is also what GloBI uses) to provide the concepts for interaction relationships in our VERA modeling system:



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Subject: [GloBI] Ontology of Biotic Interactions?

I’m growing and extending interaction/association data in my research database on the species of the superorder Neuropterida (Insecta: orders Neuroptera, Megaloptera, and Raphidioptera) of the world. The data is primarily drawn from the published literature; some also from specimen labels. I’m interested in standardizing the terminology that I use to describe interactions and associations. I’m interested in taxon to taxon interactions (e.g., species X eats species Y; species X is phoretic on species Y), taxon to inanimate object interactions/associations (e.g., species X oviposits on substrate Y [say, rocks]), and taxon to concept associations (e.g., species X exhibits behavior Y). Can anyone recommend any good lists of standardized terms (with definitions) for this sort of thing? Are there any good, well developed, ontologies for general taxon-taxon and/or taxon-inanimate interactions? I have a list of 500+ “association kinds” (without well-standardized definitions) that I have scraped together over the years. I’d like to plug these into (or convert them into) something more standardized if something more standard exists. Thanks for any suggestions on where I might go next on this.


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