[COL-Users] Synonyms missing in coldp download of CoL

MANCINI Raffael Raffael.MANCINI at mnhn.lu
Mon Feb 12 11:20:14 UTC 2024

Dear List,

I've been downloading the latest coldp formatted release of COL24.1 and expected to find a synonyms file (NameRelation.tsv afaik) since I requested "synonyms: true". Am I doing things wrong or is this an issue on the side of CLB?

For reference, the download I generated: https://www.checklistbank.org/download/6eb72b1f-60c4-431f-8c87-ead613f04945

Best regards!


Raffael Mancini

IT administrator and developer

SIDPNat - Data unit

Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle Luxembourg

T: +352 46 22 40 - 3476 - https://mnhn.lu

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