[Bid-community] Darwin Core Hour 9: Kurator Web - for Cleaner Biodiversity Data

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RE: Darwin Core Hour 9: Kurator Web - for Cleaner Biodiversity Data

After hearing from aggregators last month, and all about the Data 
Quality efforts of the TDWG DQ IG in September, we shift gears to a 
project called "Kurator" which offers a suite of tools that any data 
provider (individual or institution) can use to investigate data quality.

DAY and TIME: Tuesday Oct 24 @ 11 AM EDT, 12 PM ART, 3 PM UTC, 5 PM CEST
DETAILED Abstract: 
WHERE: http://idigbio.adobeconnect.com/room

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Kurator Web http://kurator.acis.ufl.edu/kurator-web/
Kurator Web code https://github.com/kurator-org/kurator-web
Kurator Workflows https://github.com/kurator-org/kurator-validation/wiki

When we think about biodiversity data and its use, we often immediately 
wonder about the data quality and how to improve it. The Kurator project 
is one of the initiatives addressing this issue, and aims at building 
data quality control and enhancement tools that can be readily used by 
people with different technical skill levels. One such tool is the 
Kurator Web application. This tool allows users to execute web-based 
data quality improvement workflows on biodiversity data, especially on 
data shared using Darwin Core terms, without the need for programming 
expertise. In this webinar we will demonstrate the use of Kurator Web to 
run pre-existing data quality workflows, some of which include: aligning 
datasets with Darwin Core terms, comparing unique values in datasets 
with controlled vocabularies, and providing suggestions for improvements 
for existing data. Finally, we will provide some context on how these 
tools can integrate with broader workflows and some perspective on the 
future of biodiversity data quality.

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