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Hello everyone,

I am Claudia Baider, Brazilian-born working in Mauritius for over 15 years.

I am currently in charge of The Mauritius Herbarium. My main research
interest is in the conservation of biodiversity in tropical terrestrial
systems focusing on the Amazon, the Atlantic forests and, more recently,
the Mascarenes (located within the Madagascar and SW Indian Ocean
Biodiversity hotspot) where I investigate the impact of invasive alien
species on its biodiversity. I am also interested in restoration ecology
and taxonomy of Mascarene flowering plants.

Over the last decade, The Mauritius Herbarium has databased and barcoded
most of its collections. Our aim now is to apply international standards
for making data available on our website, and in a regional and global
portals. We are also working with a local NGO that is is spearheading a
project on organic farming that wishes to make the results of this project
available local and internationally. We received a BID-AFRICA 2017 grant
(BID-AF2017-0316-SMA) for the project 'Getting the plants to all:
dissemination of information from the collection of The Mauritius
Herbarium" (

With my best wishes, Claudia


Dr Claudia Baider, The Mauritius Herbarium, RE Vaughan Building (MSIRI
compound), Agricultural Services, Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food
Security. Reduit, Postal code 80835, Mauritius. Phone +(230) 4541061.
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