[API-users] Is there any NEO4J or graph-based driver for this API ?

Jan Legind jlegind at gbif.org
Mon May 30 14:48:51 CEST 2016

Dear Juan,

Unfortunately we have no tool for creating these kind of SQL like queries to the portal. I am sure you are aware that the filters in the occurrence search pages can be applied in combination in numerous ways. The API can go even further in this regard[1], but it not well suited for retrieving occurrence records since there is a 200.000 records ceiling making it unfit for species exceeding this number.

There is going be updates to the pygbif package[2] in the near future that will enable you to launch user downloads programmatically where a whole list of different species can be used as a query parameter as well as adding polygons.[3]

In the meantime, Mauro’s suggestion is excellent. If you can narrow your search down until it returns a manageable download (say less than 100 million records), importing this into a database should be doable. From there, you can refine using SQL queries.

Jan K. Legind, GBIF Data manager

[1] http://www.gbif.org/developer/occurrence#search
[2] https://github.com/sckott/pygbif
[3] https://github.com/jlegind/GBIF-downloads

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One solution I have successfully adopted for this is to download the records (either "manually" via browser or, yet better, using a Python script using the fine pygbif library), storing them into a MySQL or SQLite database and then perform the relational queries. I can provide examples if you are interested.
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2016-05-30 8:59 GMT-03:00 Juan M. Escamilla Molgora <j.escamillamolgora at lancaster.ac.uk<mailto:j.escamillamolgora at lancaster.ac.uk>>:

Is there any API for making relational queries like taxonomy, location or timestamp?

Thank you and best wishes

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