[API-users] geometry string length

Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Tue Mar 31 09:22:11 CEST 2015

Hi Scott,

My first thoughts are that even if we got it across the wire (using GET or POST) I would expect that the front ends will time out long before the SOLR index computed the query.
I would recommend doing a bounding box search on GBIF, and then using geometry functions in R to "cookie cutter” the result set to the fine polygon.  

Is that something you think would be manageable?


On 31 Mar 2015, at 00:11, Scott Chamberlain <myrmecocystus at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all, 
> Any known way to get around the URI string length for GET requests to the `/occurrence/search` endpoint? E.g., are POST requests supported for passing in parameters?  I ask because a user of an R client I work on wants to pass in a polygon that is 40K characters long.  Of course precision could be reduced, so the string is shorter, but that doesn't seem ideal. Also not ideal is converting to a bounding box approach that approximates the polygon, then converting that to WKT. Any thoughts?
> I know it's not standard, but maybe you allow body to be passed to a GET request for `/occurrence/search`?
> Thanks! Scott
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