[API-users] coordinateAccurracy field

Markus Döring mdoering at gbif.org
Tue Jul 21 10:46:30 CEST 2015

Hi Scott,
coordinateAccurracy is the uncertainty radius for lat/lon in decimal degrees which we interpret and keep directly on the Occurrence class:

Our processing right now only recognizes dwc:coordinatePrecision as a source for the accurracy:

As you have seen there is an open issue still to also interpret the uncertainty in meters:

We need to check if it is never populated which would be a bug,

> On 21 Jul 2015, at 09:24, Tim Robertson <trobertson at gbif.org> wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> I don’t recall any coordinateAccurracy but I might be mistaken
> There are coordinateUncertaintyInMeters and coordinatePrecision - could it be those you were thinking of?  We only return the verbatim values, and don’t do any parsing of those.
> Thanks,
> Tim
> On 20 Jul 2015, at 22:21, Scott Chamberlain <myrmecocystus at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all, 
>> Did the coordinateAccurracy used to exist and was removed at some point? I can see mention of it e.g., here http://dev.gbif.org/issues/browse/POR-1804?jql=text%20~%20%22coordinateAccurracy%22 - but perhaps it has been removed?
>> I can see that the elevationAccuracy field is returned with many records, but haven't seen coordinateAccurracy in any records. 
>> Thanks! Scott
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