[API-users] Limits on the occurrence search API

Nicolas Noé n.noe at biodiversity.be
Thu Feb 12 12:15:38 CET 2015


I'm having some doubts about how the hard limits work when using the
occurrence search API. I think this is a documentation/error message
issue rather than a technical one:

Here is what the doc says:

- max value for "limit" = 300
- max total records = 1.000.000 (does that means limit * offset?)

What my tests says:

=> works, but shouldn't since 300*3335 = 1000500 total records

=> "maximum offset allowed is 200000", but offset IS 200000 (message
should be "less than"? 199999 works) Also, this limit on the offset
parameter should be stated in the doc page.

=> "maximum offset allowed is 200000": here, we probably hit the
1.000.000 total limit, but the error message refer to the undocumented
(and not hit here) max offset limit.

Could you clarify a bit ?

All the best,


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