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Markus Döring mdoering at gbif.org
Tue Dec 22 19:07:12 CET 2015

Hi Martin,

I am afraid there is no single request. We also stitch the species page together from lots of different requests. For some of them there is the danger that they get pretty large, hence most of them are pageable too.
For the parents it depends whether you need the exact list of all parents. Then you need that extra request. If you can live with just the major Linnean ranks then you can use the family/familyKey property of the NameUsage object directly.


On 20 Dec 2015, at 18:04, Martin Wendt <gbif at wwwendt.de<mailto:gbif at wwwendt.de>> wrote:

Hello all,

I like to display an overview page for a distinct species like this:

Is there a common request that collects these information with one roundtrip, or do I have to issue the specialized calls separately

A similar question arises, if i want to construct a breadcrumb for a given key, so I need the parent list *and* the target item.
Is there a shortcut or are these two calls required (like i do now):


I just want to make sure that I don’t generate more requests than necessary.
So if there are any policies like max. request rate, or a recommended additional request header to identify the user agent, please let me know.


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