[API-users] Occurrence search API limitations

Nicolas Noé n.noe at biodiversity.be
Fri Apr 24 11:31:16 CEST 2015

Just wanted to say I think a callback URL (instead of polling a page or 
a mailbox) would be an amazing addition.

Some colleagues alredy asked me if such a mechanism was available, I'm 
pretty sure we're not alone!



Le 24/04/15 11:28, Markus Döring a écrit :
> Hi,
> we do not expect to remove or even extend the search limit I am afraid.
> For programmatic asynchroneous searches you need to actively poll the 
> download request status to see when its done and then retrieve the 
> content.
> Alternatively It would be fairly simple for us to add a new success 
> and failure callback URL parameter when creating a new request. We 
> would then call these URLs once the download is completed or failed.
> Would that make things a lot easier than actively polling?
> Markus
>> On 24 Apr 2015, at 11:18, ptrans2004es <ptrans2004es at yahoo.es 
>> <mailto:ptrans2004es at yahoo.es>> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I know there is a limit of 200000 records when using the occurrence 
>> search API,  and also that this limit can be avoided using the 
>> asynchronous download service instead.
>> The problem is that this asynchronous service will send a link to a 
>> file to an email. That method seems not really convenient for 
>> programmatic downloads to be made from an interactive application, 
>> for example.
>> There is another mechanism that allows downloading more than 200000 
>> records?
>> Removal of this limitation is expected?
>> Thank you very much.
>> Best regards,
>> E.Gracia
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