[API-users] Portal API: /species?name=A search is down

Markus Döring mdoering at gbif.org
Tue Jun 17 08:24:30 CEST 2014

Hi Gaurav,
the correct call to the species match service is this:

I'm surprised it did work before, I don't think we changed the URL in this release.
We *did* finally do a new deploy though yesterday morning so you should see a slightly enhanced occurrence API now.


Markus Döring
Software Developer
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
mdoering at gbif.org

On 17 Jun 2014, at 02:52, Gaurav Vaidya <gaurav at ggvaidya.com> wrote:

> Hi there!
> Since around 2am MT last night (around 8am UTC), the /species?name=A API query has been down for me; I only get a server timeout with the request "http://api.gbif.org/v0.9/species?name=Hoolock+hoolock”, for example. I can still access other API services, such as “http://api.gbif.org/v0.9/species/search?q=Hoolock+hoolock”.
> Any idea what’s going on?
> cheers,
> Gaurav

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