[API-users] How to query for the IDs of species that have been recorded within a specified geographic region?

Geoff Shuetrim geoff at galexy.net
Tue Aug 5 05:17:10 CEST 2014

My second question in relation to GBIF web services is whether it is
possible to request a list of GBIF IDs (keys) for those species
(subspecies/variants/cultivars etc) that have occurence data with
coordinates within a geographic region specified as part of the web service
query.  Specifically, I am hoping to use a WKT polygon and the geometry
query parameter as described on the occurrences web services page to define
the region.

I am also hoping to constrain results using a request parameter that
indicates a taxonomic rank that all matching species IDs have (e.g. return
the IDs of all species that are in the Lepidoptera order.

It would also be great if results could be constrained to require that the
occurrences driving the results were between a specified start and end

Note that for performance reasons on both sides it would be great to
retrieve the relatively small number of GBIF IDs rather than the
potentially huge numbers of occurrence records for each species.

Again, many thanks for any assistance that can be provided.


Geoff Shuetrim
Gaia Guide Association
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