[ALA-Portal] Purpose of generic repositories

Vicente J. Ruiz Jurado vjrj at ourproject.org
Mon Oct 11 10:49:06 UTC 2021

El 11/10/21 a las 12:28, Alex Melbourne escribió:
> Is there any documentation listing the dependency graph between the
> repositories? I will follow this up via Slack.

Good morning Alex,

About dependencies, it does not exits (or better I don't remember) such
a module dependency graph.

The la-toolkit itself shows you with modules are optional and which are
recommended, the dependencies (*) and conflicts (when you try to install
together services that are not compatible).

Also maybe you'll find interesting a list of portals and modules that use:

And if you want something more detailed, this new page:

(*) The code that describe these service deps is here (and is quite



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