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Thank you Dr Ebigwai,

You have sent a message to the ala-portal mailing list which is intended for those seeking technical support for the ALA software they are installing and adapting.
The mailing list is also something that you need to subscribe to which you can do here: https://lists.gbif.org/mailman/listinfo/ala-portal

I understand you are in the process of preparing a submission for the BID Programme, due on the 27th August. I don’t think the ALA Portal list is likely to be the best channel to help you unless you do have specific technical questions on the ALA software. I notice that you have CC’ed colleagues in GBIF Sweden though so I presume you are really looking to contact them.

If there is something more we can help with please let me know.


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Subject: [ALA-Portal] GBIF-BID 2020 GRANT PROPOSAL


I am Dr Joseph Ebigwai, a biodiversity expert, attached to the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria.

My application for this year's GBIF-BID grant has necessitated me to contact you, with hopes of securing your partnership, for my project, which highlights the following objectives:
- Biodiversity data mobilization and publication; obtaining biodiversity data on the flora and fauna of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, for use in developing an online database, for ease of accessibility and referral for utilization.
- Capacity training and workshops for relevant stakeholders on the multi-dimensional importance of GIS mapping tools for biodiversity field data operations and usefulness of specimen collection.
- Establishment of a Specimen Data Repository Center (SDRC) for checklist validation and ease of digitization and subsequent mobilization.

I would be very delighted to have you come onboard to help me achieve this.
More details regarding the project proposal will be made available to you upon request.

I would be looking forward to getting your favourable response soonest.


Address: NO 55 Old Ikang, Marian Road
Website: www.miforconsult.com<http://www.miforconsult.com>
Email: ebigwai.joseph at miforconsult.com<mailto:ebigwai.joseph at miforconsult.com>
Phone No: +234(0)8064173245; +234(0)8182103269
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