[Ala-portal] Mapping between institution and collection and observation data resources

Nick.Dosremedios at csiro.au Nick.Dosremedios at csiro.au
Mon Sep 14 09:14:11 CEST 2015

Hi Marie,

You should be able to make a relationship between institution and data resources as you suggested. I'm not sure how to do this but could look into it, if you run into difficulties yourself.

The other option is to just list the data resources on their own. I recently added this to the ALA advanced search, as a drop-down <select> option. The list is very long, so I've added a `bootstrap-combobox` plugin to allow the user to search/autocomplete against the list. The commit for this:



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Hi all !

I have a question about the data resource mapping and advanced search.

One of our institutions has collection datasets and observation data resources. When you make a search by institutions or collections in the advanced search, only the collection records appear.
During the provider map creation, on the group provider box, I can only choose collection datasets but not the others. It is not possible for me to make the mapping between an institution and its observation data resources.

My version of biocache-hub is quite old but I have tried with the lastest version of ala-install on a vagrant instance that didn't work either.

If it is not possible, I will create a patch to do it because we need this kind of mapping in our data portal.

Please, do not hesitate to ask me more questions if you need !

Thanks in advance :-)!
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