[Ala-portal] Cloud installation - issues found

Rui Figueira rui.figueira at iict.pt
Sun Jun 7 12:59:09 CEST 2015

Hi ALA list members,

We have obtained access to a cloud service in Portugal, so I am trying to reproduce the installation we made in the ALE Paris Workshop, using the demo-ec2 ansible inventory. I am using the ala-install github project downloaded in the 2nd of june, 2015.

Our cloud VM was configured with 8 CPUs, 16 GB RAM and 16 GB disk, and is using a Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS instance. I managed conclude successfully the installation, but in which we had to deal will the following issues:

Issue 1:
TASK: [biocache-properties | Download SDS layers] *****************************
fatal: [ala-demo] => error while evaluating conditional: sds_enabled

FATAL: all hosts have already failed -- aborting

Solution: As apparently this step is downloading spatial layers for Australia, I opted to skip it. For that, I had to define sds_enabled = false in the demo-ec2 inventory, because the installation was not assuming the default false value.

Issue 2:
The file biocache-config.properties was not found. In the ansible project, the file is placed at roles/biocache-properties/templates, but the installation is looking for the path roles/biocache-service/templates/config.
Solution: I created the latter path and copied the file there.

I hope this helps,


Rui Figueira
Coordenador do Nó Português do GBIF
rui.figueira at iict.pt
Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical – IICT
Trav Conde da Ribeira, nº 9, 1300-142 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel. +351 213616340 | Fax. +351 213631460
www.gbif.pt / www.iict.pt
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