[Ala-portal] Launch of the GBIF France data portal

Marie-Elise Lecoq melecoq at gbif.fr
Fri Jun 5 12:33:07 CEST 2015

Dear Rui,

Thanks !

Having the same layout than the website was one of our main priorities 
because we just have launched our new website last year. We use Drupal 7 
as CMS for our website and I developped the header, menu and footer 
manually instead of trying to integret it directly on Drupal. Thanks to 
Bootstrap, it was not really difficult to make it.

I just modified the layout.gsp in the generic-collectory 
and the generic-hub 


Le 29/05/15 13:05, Rui Figueira a écrit :
> Dear Marie-Elise,
> Its looking great, congratulations! I particularly like the solution 
> of having the tool with the same page layout as the general gbif.fr site.
> I believe you are using drupal as CMS for the general site. How was 
> the integration done between drupal and ALFr?
> Cheers,
> Rui
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Rui Figueira
> Coordenador do Nó Português do GBIF
> rui.figueira at iict.pt
> Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical – IICT
> Trav Conde da Ribeira, nº 9, 1300-142 Lisboa, Portugal
> Tel. +351 213616340 | Fax. +351 213631460
> www.gbif.pt / www.iict.pt
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> *Assunto:* [Ala-portal] Launch of the GBIF France data portal
> Hi all,
> Just an email to announce that we launched the GBIF France portal 
> based on ALA architecture, this morning.
> You can access to the portal via the GBIF France website (www.gbif.fr 
> ) : menu "Consulter" then "Accès au portail français du GBIF".
> All your feedbacks are really welcome. You can send an email to the 
> dev team (dev at gbif.fr) or me (melecoq at gbif.fr) in order to not spam 
> this mailing list.
> The GBIF France team and I really want to thanks Dave, Santi and Tim 
> for their help and the entire ALA team for this really good framework. 
> Good job! It was nice to work with it and I can't wait to see what we 
> will be able to do with it for future developments
> If you need any feedback of the installation or/and the front-end 
> development, please feel free to ask.
> Have a good day!
> Cheers,
> Marie
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