[IPT] GBIF.org supports recordedByID and identifiedByID

Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Mon Mar 30 14:38:36 UTC 2020

Dear all

Last week GBIF.org enabled two new filters to allow search using recordedByID and identifiedByID fields.

Datasets such as iNaturalist support the use of ORCID IDs for people. Those users who have linked their account in iNaturalist can now find records in GBIF using their ORCID - e.g.:

Similarly, users in the Danish SvampeAtlas can find records they've submitted but were identified by a particular user:

We recommend using well-controlled identifiers for people / agents, such as ORCID and WikiData identifiers, but will index any value filled in.
The fields are included in the DwC-A downloads from GBIF.org searches.

We now plan to enable this for data publishers using the IPT.

I have made a new release of the Occurrence core schema and enabled it for IPTs in TEST mode only [1]. I would appreciate if an IPT user could help test this with me. Using an IPT that is in test mode:

  1) In Admin / Core and Extensions you should be able to hit "update"
  2) Following update, you should see a note on "Occurrence" stating that the fields are available
  3) You can then map occurrence records using this term
  4) If you register the test dataset in GBIF it should index on https://www.gbif-uat.org and the searches can be done in the test environment.

If someone is able to test this, please can you reply to all so we know it is underway?

Many thanks,

[1] http://rs.gbif.org/sandbox/core/dwc_occurrence_2020-03-30.xml

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