[IPT] deployment question

Julien Cigar julien at perdition.city
Tue Jun 20 11:09:19 CEST 2017


I've setup some high availability for our hosted IPTs here. Basically I
have two machines on which two VM-like (FreeBSD jails) have been created
in which all hosted IPT are installed (along with Tomcat 8, OpenJDK 8).

The IPT data directory is shared (NFS) through the two instances, and 
in front of those instances HAProxy is configured to dispatch the 
requests in an active/passive mode which means that only one Tomcat is 
accessed at time. If the primary Tomcat dies then the secondary take

It seems to work well, but I'd like some feedback from IPT devs
regarding potential problems that I might have missed (if any). I'm
especially thinking about caching/locking issues and/or possible 
corruption of the IPT data directory (which IMHO should not occur if 
one instance if accessed at a time, but want to be sure).



Julien Cigar
Belgian Biodiversity Platform (http://www.biodiversity.be)
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