[IPT] Publication of big dataset fails, can't find why

Peter Desmet peter.desmet at inbo.be
Wed Mar 2 15:59:39 CET 2016


We're trying to publish version 45.4 of this dataset:
http://data.inbo.be/ipt/resource?r=florabank1-occurrences, but the
validation seems to fail. Here's the publication log:

As far as I can tell, the validation fails on "the core ID field
occurrenceID is always present and unique", but we have verified this
in the generated dwca-45.4.zip file, and all records have a unique

Any idea what might be going on? Possible causes:

1. The dataset is quite big (3,5 million records)
2. We've just solved this issue:
https://github.com/LifeWatchINBO/data-publication/issues/104 by
following Kyle Braak's instructions. The latest published version is
now 45.3, the current (to be published) version is 45.4, so everything
seems fine there.
3. Even though the publication failed, the following files are created
in /resource/florabank1-occurrences:


Will those file be overwritten if I try to republish or might they be
causing the publication to fail?



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