[IPT] usage of occurrence in basiOfRecord.

Xander van der Sar x.vandersar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 11:38:54 CET 2015

Dear GBIF Friends,

In the IPT v2.3.2 it is possible to select the default value “Occurrence” for the basisOfRecord in the mapping screen. This value is not in the basisOfRecord Enum [1]. Is this a replacement of the “observation” value? If so, does this value has the same purpose als the old Observation value?

[1] http://gbif.github.io/gbif-api/apidocs/org/gbif/api/vocabulary/BasisOfRecord.html <http://gbif.github.io/gbif-api/apidocs/org/gbif/api/vocabulary/BasisOfRecord.html>

All the best,

Xander van der Sar

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