[IPT] Static assets URLs

Nicolas Noé n.noe at biodiversity.be
Tue Aug 4 11:39:00 CEST 2015


I have just installed an instance of IPT 2.3RC on my Mac OS X laptop 
using Tomcat 7 (manually installed).

It's working perfectly fine as long as I access it on the local machine, 
using localhost URLs. I'd like to make it accessible from other hosts on 
the local network (to be used as a test server during GB22 training 
events in Antananarivo).

It seems the (generated) URLs for IPT static assets (CSS, JS, ...) 
always start with "http://localhost:8080", even when the page is 
requested from a different URL such as . So from another machine, I can get 
the basic page, but with 404 errors on all static files.

I feel this is maybe related to https://github.com/gbif/ipt/issues/817, 
and comes from the fact that the IPT doesn't use the queried URL as a 
base for generating other URLs. Is there an easy way for me to 
circumvent this problem? Should I put a reverse proxy in front of Tomcat 
? Any sample, working configuration for that ?


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