[IPT] IPT v2.0.5 released

Kyle Braak [GBIF] kbraak at gbif.org
Thu May 23 17:15:29 CEST 2013

Dear IPT users,

A minor bug has been discovered during an upgrade to 2.0.5, whereby single quotation marks ( ' ) in resource titles cause the public resource table and manage resource table not to appear. 

Chances are the majority of IPTs won't be affected, but if you encounter it, there is a simple solution for the bug explained in the IPT's FAQ. 

I apologize if you are inconvenienced by this bug. 

With kind regards,


On May 22, 2013, at 4:53 PM, Kyle Braak [GBIF] wrote:

> Dear IPT users, 
> The GBIF Secretariat is pleased to announce that a new release of the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT v2.0.5) is now available for download here. For information about how to upgrade your installation, you can check out the Release Notes.
> To find out how v2.0.5 compares to previous versions, you can check out the latest post on the GBIF Developer Blog. 
> New users should follow the installation guidelines in the IPT User Manual that has been updated for this version. 
> Thank you once again for using the IPT, and we hope you enjoy the latest version.
> With kind regards, 
> Kyle, on behalf of the IPT development team and the GBIF Secretariat

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