[IPT] IPT Workbook - try it today!

Kyle Braak [GBIF] kbraak at gbif.org
Mon Feb 11 14:31:39 CET 2013

Hi IPT list,

I am writing to inform everybody on the list about the existence of an IPT Workbook. 

Originally written by Burke and I as a companion for an IPT Experts Workshop in 2011, the workbook puts together a comprehensive set of practice problems for installing, configuring, and using the IPT to publish biodiversity datasets. The problems vary in their level of difficulty, but no matter how hard the problem is, helpful hints are provided to help guide the reader through them. 

Never before has there been a more fun way to learn how to master the IPT! In my opinion, if you can solve the entire workbook, you can consider yourself an IPT expert. 

To get started, download the workbook and the required sample datasets folder.

With kind regards,


PS: Feedback to help improve the workbook is always welcome. 

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