[IPT] IPT 2.0.2 is available for download

Kyle Braak (GBIF) kbraak at gbif.org
Wed Jun 1 14:42:20 CEST 2011

Dear IPT users,

The GBIF Secretariat is pleased to announce that a new release of the  
Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT v2.0.2) is now available for  
download from http://code.google.com/p/gbif-providertoolkit/.

The IPT version 2.0.2 addresses 44 reported issues (http://tinyurl.com/gbif-ipt-202 
) from the previous version, and introduces a new Rich Text Format  
(RTF) export for dataset metadata.  The RTF view of the metadata is  
designed to allow IPT users to submit data papers to journals such as  
Pensoft Zookeys, for peer review and publishing.  More information on  
the data paper concept can be found on http://www.gbif.org/communications/news-and-events/showsingle/article/new-incentive-for-biodiversity-data-publishing/ 

Users of previous versions of the IPT may choose to update to benefit  
from this new functionality and bug fixing.  Updating an IPT 2.0.x  
installation involves simply replacing the previous .war file with the  
latest edition, and reusing the existing data directory.  Please  
remember that it is good practice to keep backups of the data  
directory, and we advise that you make a backup before performing an  

New users should follow the installation guidelines in the IPT  
documentation (http://code.google.com/p/gbif-providertoolkit/wiki/IPT2ManualNotes 

Thank you once again for all your help in testing and contributing to  
the IPT!

With best regards,

Kyle, on behalf of the IPT development team and the GBIF Secretariat
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