[IPT] IPT 2.0RC2 available for download

Tim Robertson (GBIF) trobertson at gbif.org
Wed Dec 15 00:38:25 CET 2010

Dear all,

The IPT development team are happy to announce that the IPT 2.0 release
candidate 2 (IPT 2.0RC2) is now available for download and testing from

Thank you once again to everyone who has reported bugs and proposed
enhancements during the testing phase.  Since the IPT 2.0RC1 was released
some 43 issues have been reported and addressed

In particular the following critical issues have been worked on, and any
assistance in testing them would be greatly appreciated.

- IPT operation on windows environments
- Performance in connection of the IPT to databases (PostGRES, MySQL,
Oracle, MSSql)
    - We particularly seek assistance testing connections to Oracle and MSSql

The IPT will not be released until the testing community confirms that the
product is suitably robust to do so.
At this stage, we anticipate releasing 2.0RC3 during week 1, 2011 which
will allow users to register against the live GBIF registry, with the
expectation that a final 2.0 General Availability release (2.0GA) will be
offered in week 3, 2011.  However, this depends on the outcome of further

Our roadmap planning is based on the issues on

Thank you once again for all your contributions and as always, we welcome
suggestions on how we can improve the process.

Kind regards,

Tim, on behalf of the IPT development team

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