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Hi Markus,

same here... coordinates are correct for the Berlin installation!

Cheers from Berlin,

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Hi Markus,

Great! I replaced the file occurence.ftl for the NordGen IPT, and the coordinates are now correctly displayed on Windows XP (in Parallels) with both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (v6). These two browsers displayed the wrong location earlier. I attach a screenshoot before and after replacing the occurrence.ftl file.


Dag Terje


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Ahh, here we go!
This might be the famous locale setting again. It doesnt seem to understand the doubles cause they use dots instead of commas or vice versa and treats them as integers.
I am pretty sure thats why. Let me check...

So it seems I had fixed that in the admin settings, but apparently not on the record detail.
Can you try and see that if on browsers where the points are wrong the IPT location given in the admin ipt configuration is still correct and not rounded?

Attached is a new version of the template for the record detail, can you try to replace the following with the attached file and see if that removes the problem?

I have also committed the change to SVN already, ipt-lite is not affected as it doesnt have the built in portal.


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