[IPT] IPT Production installations, Extensions

Dag Terje Filip Endresen dag.endresen at nordgen.org
Tue Sep 1 12:12:50 CEST 2009

Hi Jörg,

Don't worry! I have noticed that the tomcat stops responding and display only this message "Bad Gateway" for a while. The Java session is not typically consuming very much resources, but it seems perhaps that there is a lot of activity on the Google Map dots. We can't find anything from the log files, but will explore further. I think that the tomcat server comes back again - but usually I just restart tomcat.

Sorry the IPT application schema was gone. The URL is intended to be
and not 

We added the entry to the GBRDS a bit too fast. The file is now in both locations. Thanks for spotting this!!

Dag Terje


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Dear Dag,  
thanks a lot!  
I played a bit with your resource - in the beginning, everything worked fine, but then I got errors (Bad gateway). Is that only a temporary problem? I hope it wasn't me by browsing the   data!!  
I found your extension in the GBIF registry, but the extension definition seems to be gone:
Cheers from Berlin,  
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    Hi Jörg,
  I believe the NordGen dataset is in the progress to be indexed from the IPT provider. And yes, I have added an extension for genebanks to the IPT.
  Resource 77 from the NordGen IPT is mapped to this new draft germplasm extension.  
  I believe that this germplasm extension is already available from the GBRDS registry:  
  I have collected some more information on the URL used as the namespace:
  I have yet to start indexing data shared on this germplasm extension, but browsing this dataset (77) on the NordGen IPT installation works fine. One of my main objective with this extension is to start the sharing of datasets with measurements of trait properties   on germplasm specimens. The trait evaluation datasets are the next big thing for the European genebanks this year.
  Dag Terje

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  Subject: [IPT] IPT Production installations, Extensions
  Dear all,
  does anyone have already an IPT installation published on GBIF? That means, the data is visible on the GBIF data portal?
  And I wonder if anyone is already using the extension mechanism of the IPT? Does anyone have any experiences?
  Best wishes from Berlin,
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