[IPT] Selecting area in Geographic Coverage never take effect

Burke Chih-Jen Ko burkeker at gate.sinica.edu.tw
Wed Mar 11 17:47:53 CET 2009

Hi Tim,

I am not sure if these issues are correlated, so maybe it's good to  
write it together.

I tried using the dataset, pontaurus.txt, to reproduce the same  
presentation as the default one. Let's say, the original is ponTaurus1  
and the one I set up by choosing "new occurrence resource" is  

I can adjust the geographic coverage of ponTaurus1:
1. In geographic coverage page, re-select the area and save.
2. IPT then brings us to the taxonomic coverage page, if I click  
"publish" in this page, I get Yikes. Please see error1.txt as attached.
3. I then click the "previous page" bottom of the browser, navigate to  
basic resource page of ponTaurus1
4. Click "publish" in this page, then I can see the updated shape in  
the main "Explore" page.

But I can't make selecting area take effect with ponTaurus2. Actually  
I can't do the same thing on any newly established resources.
After I did the property mapping and uploaded to the cache, the server  
once became unresponsive when I clicked done. It stopped when  
loading(or calculating?) the occResource.html. Restart Tomcat I get  
messages in catalina.out said "Could not get JDBC Connection". See  
error3.txt as attached.

1. Choose ponTaurus2 in manage page, navigate to geographic coverage.
2. Select Area and save. IPT brings me to the taxonomic coverage.
3. Publish in the basic metadata page or not, when click back to the  
geographic coverage page, the map remains blank without any selection  

error2.txt is the new message of /Library/Tomcat/logs/catalina.out  
during the above operation.

If I "publish all" or "republish" in the main Manage page, then when I  
click to the Explore page, I get another Yikes. Attached as error4.txt

Because the Explore page is broken since the last action, I then  
restart Tomcat, the Explore page remains broken.

You can visit http://informatics.biodiv.tw:8080/ipt/resources.html.

Hope this make sense. I am using Safari 4b and the IPT1.0b7 is set up  
on a Mac OS X Server with the Tomcat 6.0.18 coming with the OS.


Chih-Jen (Burke)

Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility, TaiBIF
Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica
No. 128, Sec 2, Academia Rd., Nangang District
Taipei 115, Taiwan
Tel: +886+2+27899621 ext.220
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