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This project has made a quiet nice and recent review on the different open Source Licences with pro and cons 
If it can be of any help ...

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I can't.

I only have a few  relevant(?) opinions:

- The main downside to viral licenses is usually that they discourage
corporations from wrapping the licensed code with something of theirs.
 For Specify, about all this is likely to mean is the kEmu can't adopt
any Specify code. Is that bad?  (You may want a strategy with separate
services that make it easy for people to make connections to Specify
servers without having to use Specify code though.  This could be a
small code base you isolate from Specify and license with a non-viral
license, or just plain Web Services).

- A software IPR attorney I heard talk once said that FOSS licensing
is so tied up with U.S. IPR law, that most licenses are not very
relevant or understandable overseas and present tremendous legal
burdens to adoption and even acceptance by organizations that actually
care what their license obligations are. She observed that the U.S.
has 1000 times as many lawyers per capita as almost any other country
in the world and reasoned that there are not enough anywhere outside
the U.S. to advise most users of FOSS licenses.  IMO, this favors
simpler, better understood, widely used licenses over those that
aren't all these things.

- Dual licensing may obviate some of these issues in that you could
fork different licenses from the unlicensed code base. This isn't
ideal, because you'd have divergent code bases, whereas your
development probably would take place in your most restrictive license
(else why would you have it?) and so not be available in the other


On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 4:46 PM, Beach, James H <beach at ku.edu> wrote:
> Could anyone comment on the choice of the Mozilla Public License for the
> IPT?  I'm curious about which property made it the best choice.
> I'm reviewing (for the third time) FOSS licenses for Specify 6, and am going
> through the usual decision tree:
> viral vs. non-viral
> GPL compatible or not
> and the various nuances of each license.
> I noticed that IPT is parked on Google Code, and then discovered this.
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/07/25/googlecode_bans_mpl/
> many thanks,
> Jim B.
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