[IPT] IPT Production installations, Extensions

Holetschek, Jörg j.holetschek at bgbm.org
Mon Aug 31 12:43:34 CEST 2009

Thanks Andrea!

If I click on "Explore occurrences", I don't get a single one, even though there should be 2040 records. What's going wrong here?


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Hi Jörg,

TanBIF has a dataset online, and is in the process of adding another one:
see http://data.gbif.org/datasets/resource/8350/. Some others are in the
works, hopefully to be included in the next version of the GBIF data portal.

Best wishes,

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Dear all,

does anyone have already an IPT installation published on GBIF? That means,
the data is visible on the GBIF data portal?

And I wonder if anyone is already using the extension mechanism of the IPT?
Does anyone have any experiences?

Best wishes from Berlin,

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