[BID-Community] FW: FishBase training 2021 - 5 scholarhsips available

Patricia Mergen patricia.mergen at africamuseum.be
Mon Nov 23 10:26:55 UTC 2020

Dear all

You might be interested for this call for training in 2021.

All the best


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Subject: FishBase training 2021 - 5 scholarhsips available

For information and distribution

Dear all,

I hope this message finds you and your family well.

We'd like to inform you that RMCA Ichthyology Unit is launching the 2021call for scholarships for participation to the 2021 Training session of FishBase and fish taxonomy.
FishBase is currently the most important online encyclopaedia on fishes and incorporates many tools for ichthyologists and fisheries biologists.
The focus of the training will be on fish biodiversity data and their integration into FishBase, on how to use FishBase and on how to contribute.
5 Scholarships are available for African scientists. Please note that the applications for candidates from the following countries only are accepted: Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe

Please find in attachment the Call for application and the application form.

The deadline for application is 10/01/2021.

May we ask you to further distribute the attached information to interested parties, partners and local institutions?
Thank you in advance!

Muriel Van Nuffel
Coordinator trainings and study visits
Development Cooperation
Royal Museum for Central Africa
Tervuren - Belgium
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