[BID-Community] hird Island Biology conference in July 2019 (8 - 13) on La Réunion

Mergen Patricia patricia.mergen at africamuseum.be
Wed Jan 16 19:21:33 CET 2019

Dear all

I was asked by a contact at the European Commission active in their Pacific Island program,  to make you aware of this conference


The EU would like to encourage participation of our community to this conference to make the participants aware of the conservation of the collections and archives kept in small repositories on the Islands. So that action are taken to mobilse these collections more, to digitize them and make them available.

>From the site I read that the topics of the Symposia will be decided the 30th of January and there is a deadline the for abstract is 15th of February.

I might be good to present some of the GBIF BID grants outcomes there ?

All the best


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