[BID-Community] JRS Biodiversity Foundation reminder of March 9 grant application deadline

Don S. Doering ddoering at jrsbiodiversity.org
Tue Feb 27 05:45:56 CET 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for the interest that you have expressed in the JRS Biodiversity Foundation call for proposals by registering yourself or your organization on our website , by drafting or submitted a grant funding application, or by submitting questions to JRS through our website.

(My apologies for this form email and also if we may have already determined that your work does not fall within our scope.)

This email is a reminder that our call for proposals closes at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Friday, March 9th.  All proposals must be submitted on our web portal and be in English.

We continue to provide feedback and advice on project concepts and proposal drafts.  With each passing day it becomes more difficult to meet all of the requests for input. We encourage you to send your final questions within the next few days to give us time to reply so that you can meet the submission deadline.  Many questions can be found answered at http://jrsbiodiversity.org/how-to-apply/current-opportunities/2018_rfp_faqs/.   Please note the sections on Geographic Scope and Planning Grants as areas where we receive many questions.

{We also note that JRS does not fund livelihoods projects such as fishing and beekeeping or direct conservation work such as reforestation and landscape rehabilitation.}

Thank you again for your interest, time, and effort. We are very grateful for your creativity and work and we will do our best to give you any requested feedback in the remaining days of our open call for proposals.

Thank you and best wishes, Don

Don S. Doering, Ph.D.
Executive Director
JRS Biodiversity Foundation
Fluke Hall, Room 304E
Box 352141
4000 Mason Road
Seattle, WA  98195
(206) 454-7915
ddoering at jrsbiodiversity.org<mailto:ddoering at jrsbiodiversity.org>
Investing in the people and institutions who share biodiversity knowledge for Africa.

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