[Bid-community] JRS Biodiversity Foundation calls for proposals for freshwater and pollinator biodiversity informatics for Africa

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   Chère Aisha,
Document bien reçu et merci de cette information A bientôt

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    Le Jeudi 12 janvier 2017 7h51, Gilbert Muvunankiko <gmuvunankiko at arcosnetwork.org> a écrit :

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Sent: 11 January 2017 17:52
To: bid-community at lists.gbif.org
Subject: [Bid-community] JRS Biodiversity Foundation calls for proposals for freshwater and pollinator biodiversity informatics for Africa    Dear everyone,     I am Aisha, new temporary Programme Officer for Participation and Engagement (PO) at GBIF Secretariat as from 1st January 2017. As part of the Participation and Engagement team at the Secretariat, my role will involve providing support to the GBIF Participant Nodes, and other participants/communities involved. I very much look forward to working together.    From the Secretariat we would like to share with you the information thatJRS Biodiversity Foundation is presently issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for multi-year projects focused upon biodiversity data, knowledge and information services related to freshwater biodiversity and pollinator biodiversity in eastern and southern Africa.     The scope, timeline, forms, and online application portal are now posted on the JRS Website. For more information:http://jrsbiodiversity.org/how-to-apply/current-opportunities/2017rfp/, and ifinterested you can contactjrsrfp2017 at jrsbiodiversity.org with any questions. Applications are due by end of day February 22, 2017.    Best regards,    Aisha Lolila Jensen Programme Officer for Participation and Engagement GBIF Secretariat Universitetsparken 15 2100 Copenhagen Denmark E-mail:aljensen at gbif.org www.gbif.org    
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