[API-users] recordedByID, identifiedByID, IPTs, and API

Nikolay Volik nvolik at gbif.org
Fri Jan 28 17:29:12 UTC 2022

Hi David,

We moved terms to DWC, but still accept old terms names as alternative names, so old names will be mapped to the new DWC term.


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Subject: [API-users] recordedByID, identifiedByID, IPTs, and API

I note this new change:

3) The terms Recorded By ID, Identified By ID and Subgenus are now part
of Darwin Core, and move from a GBIF namespace to the TDWG namespace.
(The change is visible in meta.xml files of Darwin Core Archive
downloads, and on verbatim occurrence records.)

What happens if a data provider has either not updated the
core/extensions in their IPT or are producing a DwC-A on their own? If
their meta.xml continues to use the GBIF namespace for what will soon
be a DwC namespace for their mapped recordedByID or identifiedByID
terms, will the content in these be silently ignored when processed at
GBIF's end? If this is the case, does GBIF have a mechanism to fan out
communications to all affected data providers such that they can
immediately update their IPTs &/or adjust how their meta.xml files are
produced & then republish their datasets?


David Shorthouse
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